The Accidental Pharisee

Monday, May 19, 2008

The End of the Story

Last Friday I was angry.
By the end of the day, I was reconciled.
I like being reconciled better.
Reconciled: making an enemy your friend.
The person who made me so angry apologized.
And, reality is, the person didn't mean to make me angry. The person was never my enemy.
It's just that something this person did stepped on an wounded area of my heart and I reacted out of my past experience--not out of the truth of what was going on.
Life is tricky. I'm learning that past hurts have left land mines in my emotional make up. These land mines can get detonated by someone else's words or actions when I least expect it.
It creates a real mess, let me tell you.
I'm trying to uncover the land mines. Trying to find the trip wires, if you will. Tedious work.
But if I want to be in relationship with others, it is worth the effort.

Thinking Out Loud: A mantra for an Accidental Pharisee: Relationship before being Right. Relationship before being Right.

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