The Accidental Pharisee

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Keeping It Simple

"The simplest things are often the truest." ~ Richard Bach, writer

I've been keeping it pretty simple between God and I lately.
No grand schemes to read through the Bible in a week or memorize all the Psalms by the end of June.
None of that.
I've just let God know that I want to be in relationship with him. That time with him is important to me. That I want to make it a priority--and that I'm sorry when I don't. And more than that, I miss him when I don't have time with him.
I'm reading in the book of Joshua right now. Why? Because I'm intrigued by the cities of refuge and you can read about them in the book of Joshua. I'm journaling what I discover along the way.
I'm praying for several friends battling cancer and one whose son is recovering from a life-threatening accident and another whose daughter is in a heartbreaking relationship.
I am praying for my husband and my children and my friends and my family. And for myself.
See? I'm keeping it simple.
And you want to know the amazing thing? I like where I am with God right now.
He knows I love him.
I know he loves me.
I know he wants to spend time with me.
He knows I want to spend time with him.
That's what you call a relationship.

Just Thinking Out Loud: I can hear Wise Guy saying, "Fascinating, isn't it?" as I explore a different relationship with God. A relationship not based on dos and don'ts--but rather, one based on wants. I want to be in relationship with God more than I want to be a performance based Accidental Pharisee.

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